What's New?

Joined the Jamuse Site Advisory Board. Jamuse is a site for graphics professionals that not only displays portfolios, but also allows online collaboration with clients.
jamuse Site Advisory Board member portfolio

An illustration I did for MBARI is on the cover of Science magazine this week.

A redesign of this website is in progress. If you've got any feedback, I'd love to hear it!

Started a marketing campaign for Freestyle Furniture, a website that I designed and coded. I am now offfering internet marketing, including Google Adwords campaigns, in addition to my other services.

Presented The Dissection of a Digital Illustration at the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators national conference in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Won First Place in the National Science Foundation's Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge in the Information Graphics category. The winning image was of the Mt. Etna volcano in Sicily.

David Fierstein was one of the featured artists in an article on science illustration in Sierra, the magazine of the Sierra Club.